Binding Methods FAQ

There are a variety of binding methods which can be used for combining separate pages into a finished document. The type of binding may be limited by the paper size and number of pages to be bound. The images below illustrate the binding methods available in Creative Services. If you have questions about these or other binding methods, please give us a call at x2306.

Binding Illustrations

corner staple binding illustration
Corner Staple Binding
The most economical binding method, a staple is used in the corner to attached pages together.
saddle stitch binding
Saddle Stich Binding
This inexpensive method binds pages using two or more staples placed along a folded edge. Suitable for 60 pages or less, there is no printable spine with this option.

Note: Creative Services can also do a square back binding with this method, for a result similar to perfect binding.)
coil binding
Coil/ Continuous Loop Binding
A round plastic coil is wound through the pages to hold them together. Pages bound this way can be opened 360 degrees and can remain flat when open. Available in black.
This inexpensive method uses a plastic "comb" that wraps through rectangular holes in the edge of the pages. The plastic comb also form a spine that covers the edge of the pages.